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Kids Summer Art Classes at MAG!

June 8 & 9, 2015
Monday & Tuesday
Ages 7 and Up / Limited to 12 students
$25.00 per Class

June 15 & 16, 2015
Monday & Tuesday
Ages 7 and Up / Limited to 12 students
$25.00 per Class

July 13 & 14, 2015
Monday & Tuesday
Ages 12 and Up / Limited to 6 students
$25.00 per Class

July 20 & 21, 2015
Monday & Tuesday
Ages 7 and Up / Limited to 12 students
$25.00 per Class

Kids Art Classes


Congratulations to the Main Black & White gallery show award winners:
Best of Show: Julie Trainor, "Infinity", oil on panel
1st Place 2D: Shari Hancock, "What's Up?", Oil
2nd Place 2D: Kathleen Williams, "Ooops II", Oil
3rd Place 2D: Sandra Walker, "Passion", Acrylic
1st Place 3D: John Hoyt, "Fire", Spalted olive root burl
2nd Place 3D: Gary Cassidy, "1965 Ford Galaxy Door", Galaxy stone,
3rd Place 3D: Barbara Sussman, "Trees", Glass

Best of Show 1st 2D 1st 3D

2nd 2D 2nd 3D 3rd 2D 3rd 3D

Welcome to the Mountain Artists Guild and Gallery.

Mountain Artists Guild is one of the Oldest Visual Arts Organizations in Arizona.

Dear fellow MAG members,

We have posted an update to the bylaws to our website for your review and vote.  Also posted is a copy of the 2012 bylaws, so that you can compare the two documents.  In writing these new bylaws, we examined all previous bylaws from the founding of the Guild forward.  We tried to give weight to the oldest bylaws, and the intentions of those original founders.

Here are the highlights of the changes made:

First, authority has been given the membership to call a meeting and vote to remove any directors or officers from the board when that is in the best interest of the organization.  The same authority has been granted to the board themselves.  They can vote to remove any director or officer should that ever become necessary. 

At the time of the incorporation of the Guild, the indemnification of board members for non-criminal acts committed while serving MAG was overlooked.  This was addressed for the Gallery and Gift Shop at the time of their incorporation, and indicates the coverage is to apply to the Guild also, but presently the Guild board remains somewhat exposed for personal lawsuits.  These bylaws remedy that situation.

The new bylaws clarify and expand the types of family memberships available, made voting by proxy a little easier, and defines a quorum for membership meetings as twenty-five.

We separated the annual election meeting from October’s 4th Friday.  The business meeting will be held on the third Wednesday of October at 4:30pm, and then the voting results can be announced at the 4th Friday meeting.  This will be better for any artist’s demonstration, as well as the general mood of the evening.  We also clarified the nomination process, and took any internal politics out of it.

Policies for the meetings of the board of directors were also tweaked.  Now, any director can put an item on the meeting agenda for discussion - an important change.  Special meetings can be called via email, and voting by email is allowed. 

Changes have been made regarding the office of President.   These new bylaws limit a President to one term in office, after which they can serve as a director-at-large.  It also eliminates the President’s power to hire and fire employees without the vote and direction from the whole board of directors.  The official position of Past President has been eliminated, and a past president can only serve as a non-voting adviser to the board. 
As in our original founding bylaws, the Vice President’s powers are equal to the President’s.

The position of Treasurer was modified to disallow the Treasurer, who has the authority to write checks, from being a signer on any checking accounts.  In addition, no employee or other board member who writes checks can also be a check signer.  This gives us two sets of eyes on every financial transaction without the burdensome requirement of two check signers.

 These are the main changes to our bylaws, and we hope you will come to the April meeting to ratify them.

Janis Keeling,
On behalf of the Mountain Artists Guild Board of Directors

June Benefit Auction “You Gotta Have Art”
- June 9th thru June 20th

Just to let you know that your committee for the June Benefit Auction “You Gotta Have Art” have been working really hard to get the event set up to a point where you as members can come in and volunteer to help with the event (especially the night of). Please contact your committee which consists of Patty Lindsey, Carol Balzarini, Connie Finchum & Donna Carver if you wish to volunteer for anything. We have already started getting art in for the event, thank you so very much.
Wanted to give you the important dates for the event: Accepting art from May 11 thru June 5th, Set Up will be on June 8th at 10am. The show will run from June 9th thru June19th during gallery hours, with the final event for the Silent Auction on June 20th from 5pm to 8pm in the back room.
“You Gotta Have Art” is only $10 (what a bargain), which includes three (3) beverage drinks, food and a whole lot of fun. The money that we receive from this event will go for the guild and gallery.
Remember this is a Silent Auction, we will have a “Buy it Now” price, and then the night of the auction where you will put your name down for a price.
Also, set aside December 4th for the Scholarship Benefit Auction.

You Gotta Have Art Benefit Auction

Come to Mountain Artists Gallery to see the new main gallery exhibit "Mainly Black & White", Arizona Plein Air Painters Show in the Spotlight Room, and the Masters' Room exhibit.

Mainly Black and White
Robert Goldman



Fine Art & Wine Festival

Click here to go to Fine Art & Wine Festival website!