Mountain Artists Guild, Inc.



Mountain Artists Guild, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated

to the promotion of the visual arts.



 Mountain Artist Guild is the destination for visual arts in Northern Arizona.


Guiding Principles


The Guiding Principles of Mountain Artists Guild are to be:

~ A cohesive volunteer-based art center
~ A learning center for artists
~ A gathering place for artists and community organizations for mutual interaction
~ A respected provider of exhibition opportunities for members and other artists
~ A resource for artists for information and art enhancement
~ An organization free of debt with adequate physical plant and parking facilities

Our History 



On October 28, 1949, twenty-five people assembled in the home of Mabel Lawrence. They decided they would like to sketch, have weekly meetings, and meet in homes until they could find a suitable meeting place. They decided to have officers and dues. Today, the most familiar name of those present is George Phippen. Many more members followed. What they all had in common was an interest in art. Formal training was varied with some artists, others just wanted to begin.

The Fifties
In 1950, the Guild’s first meeting place was a drug store’s back room. That same year, they had their first exhibit at the Prescott Library. And they drew up rules for the Plaza Art Show. The following year they took over management of the show. In 1953, the group chose Smoki Day in early August for the show. (Eventually, it became the second weekend in August.) In 1955, the managers of the St. Michael Hotel provided the setting for the establishment of the Prescott Art Center. In 1957, the Kiwanis Club expressed an interest in having an art center building in Prescott.
Two years later the University of Arizona offered summer extension courses in art and music. In conjunction, the Guild offered scholarships to local high school art students. The Yavapai County Hospital wanted the Guild to provide art for therapy. The real interest was in crafts, so they organized a weekly craft class.