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  • 1/6-2/5 Pop Up 

  • 2/5-3/2 "IMPRESSIONS" Denise Incao and Josephine Gibbs-Archer

  • 3/2-4/2 Yavapai College Portfolio Class

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  • 2/5-3/2 "IMPRESSIONS" Denise Incao and Josephine Gibbs-Archer

Denise Incao - Ceramics

From abstract expressionistic wall pieces to archetypal masks to whimsical functional

vessels, Denise Incao’s work emanates the earthy, primordial roots of humankind and of

art itself. Raw, Spontaneous, and (dare we say?) fun, Denise’s creations long to be

touched. She works without preliminary drawings, allowing each piece to take her where

it will, allowing her subconscious life to spring forth. The result is a celebration of

childlike innocence and often, noble grace and elegance.

Denise was born in Columbus, Georgia in 1966. Her young life was spent roaming forests, playing in gardens, and sailing and exploring the barrier island beaches of Northern Florida. In 1995, she graduated Cum Laude with a BFA from Auburn University in Alabama – she was the first to do so with a Studio Emphasis in Sculptural Ceramics. While building a respectable representation at galleries and museums in the southeast, she also created and directed various ceramics programs for schools and camps in Alabama, Tennessee, and North Florida, as well as adult classes and private lessons in North Florida.

After moving to Arizona in 1998, Denise has continued creating new works in her Paulden

home studio, while teaching others to speak through clay, making a 25-year career of

being an artist and art educator. She earned her Master’s Degree in Expressive

Ecopsychology from Prescott College in 2017, and since then is often sought out as a

mentor for individual and group studies, while occasionally teaching adjunct classes in

Expressive Ecopsychology there. Denise currently teaches Ceramics classes, Nature-Based Expressive Arts classes, and Clay for the Spirit workshops through Yavapai College

Community Education.

“The act of creation is as necessary to me as eating and sleeping. It feeds my soul. It lets

me feel that I am connected into something much larger than myself. My hope for my

work, after it has served to connect me to my true being, is for it to pass into hands that it

will serve in other ways. People often say that they have a profound response to my work.

It speaks to them. Whatever it says and however it benefits is very personal, as is my time

with each piece. That’s the reward!”

Josephine Gibbs-Archer - Printmaker and Artist


Josephine Archer has her M.F.A. Degree in Art from the University of Oregon. She has worked in Printmaking media for over 20 years. Her work incorporates many different techniques layered one on top of the other. Some of the pieces can have more than six layers. 

The layering within Josephine’s work is used to create an ethereal world behind the main graphic images that are comprised of animals, and figurative forms. The images are meant to bring a questioning into the viewers mind. 

Josephine is proactive in Environmental Issues and holistic medicine. These interests can be seen throughout Josephine’s work. Glimpses of plants that are known for their healing properties and images relating to animal life and the environment are common elements. She mixes mediums within Printmaking to create layers and graphic representations of these themes.

Josephine’s work has been shown across the nation in shows such as the Bradley International Drawing and Printmaking Biennial. Her art is in the Edgar Bronson Fine Art Collection and she is a member of Southern Graphics, Non-toxic Printmaking, and College Art Association. is 

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