This Acrylic Painting Art Kit includes 9 lessons and good quality art supplies. 

Included in this kit are most of the materials your family will need to

complete some fun, easy painting projects that children can be proud of

and which may spark their interest in art. We have targeted age 7-12 for

the projects, and families and children can choose which projects they

would like to do. Materials not included in the kits are common items most

households already have on hand.

No shipping on this product. Must be picked up at the Guild.

Materials included in this kit:

• Acrylic paint set of 12 colors

• 2 paint brushes

• Six 8” by 10” canvases

• Scouring pad

• 4 sheets of hard card stock paper

• Googly eyes

• Detailed lesson plans and list of materials for each project

• Printed Anime characters for tracing

• Carbon tracing paper

• Masking tape

• White glue

Common household materials not included in this kit are:

• Plastic “Saran” wrap

• Q-tips

• Empty toilet paper rolls

• Apron or throw-away clothes

• Paper or plastic disposable plates

• Green and black markers

• Paper towels

• Rubber bands

• Container for water such as 16 oz. plastic cups

Acrylic Painting Art Kit

  • No shipping on this product. Must be picked up at the Guild during regular business hours: Tues - Sat from 10 am to 3 pm

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