Included in this Clay Art Kit are most of the materials you will need to complete some fun clay projects with your young one. Here you will find easy clay projects that a child can have fun creating, be proud of, and that may spark their interest in further play with clay or other forms of art.

I have targeted age 7-12 for the projects, though the lessons are meant to be guided by an adult, as there are detailed instructions and a mini history for each technique at the beginning of each lesson… There is enough clay for the specific projects, plus a little extra to play with. Materials not included in the kit are items that are usually easily found around the home. Please read the introduction materials with your child before getting started, as there is useful information covered that you will need for the lessons. Have fun creating and playing with clay!!

No shipping on this product. Must be picked up at the Guild.

Materials included in this kit:

  • 8 lbs of clay - enough for 6 project lessons - plus a little extra for playing on your own!
  • 3 - pointed clay craft sticks – decorating, making holes, and for “scoring and slipping”
  • Set of 3 clay tools for cutting and shaping the clay
  • 5 - (2 oz.) acrylic paint colors – red/yellow/blue/black/white
  • 1 - paint palette for mixing paint colors
  • 3 paint brushes – 2 sizes firm, and one soft bristle brush
  • 6 Lesson plans - for 6 air-dry clay projects with a mini history about each technique at the beginning of each lesson.
  • Artist information about Denise Incao (the artist that designed this kit)
  • Helpful Introduction Tips and Supporting Information about the materials and how to use them.

Useful things you can round up from home:

  • A piece of fabric such as canvas or denim to work on, so the clay won’t stick to the table top. You could also use a clean dry board such as an old cutting board that is very worn and not polished.
  • A wooden rolling pin might be helpful, but not necessary, for slab projects.
  • Things for pressing textures into clay…like peach pits, stamps, buttons with designs, pinecones, etc.
  • A small jar or plastic container, with lid – to keep slip in! Slip is the liquid clay mud that you use to help stick pieces together!
  • A blunt tipped pencil is good for signing your name on your artwork.

Clay Art Kit

  • No shipping on this product. Must be picked up at the Guild during regular business hours: Tues - Sat from 10 am to 3 pm